Globi in the Swiss National Park


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Globi in the Swiss National Park

Globi in the Swiss National Park, Edition 61

Since its appearance in 1993, this has been one of the most popular Globi books.

David Levine's whimsical translations now make these verses accessible to the English reading public for the first time. This marks the third Globi Classic available in English.

Globi travels to the countryside in search of peace and quiet. But once he arrives, there is still too much going on! Then he learns about the Swiss National Park and sets off at once.

This book provides children with a playful approach to the English language, and tourists receive information about the National Park in a humorous and entertaining form. It also contains an updated official foreword from the Director of the Swiss National Park.


EAN 9783857033780
Typ Buch
Sprache Englisch
Interpret Globi
Erscheinungsdatum 12.10.2010